Saturday, April 4, 2009

When Women are Upset

Men, when a woman is upset don't do what you think will help. It won't help to just ignore it, thinking she needs space. We don't want space when we are upset, we want to TALK about it. I still don't understand why men can't get this...dont' we all know women want to talk about feelings?

I think I realized why it is hard for men to do this. They just don't understand when a woman wants to talk. When she's upset she gets quiet and says she's "ok". Which would seem as if she doesn't want to talk and just wants some time to herself...big mistake fellas!! This means she wants to talk more than ever. Usually it means she is hurt, sad, or sometimes even mad at something you did or said (or didn't do:))! So, she does her thing to show you she's upset and expects you to find out what it was. This is how a man shows he cares about her feelings and happiness. He has to probe her to find out what is wrong. He should touch her and be sensitive, while trying to find out why she is upset. She may not open up right at first, usually because she is hurt, but if you leave the situation without finding out what is wrong it will fester inside her, making her even more upset about the situation, which could cause a later explosion about something totally unrelated,and may seem out of context and overreactive. But in reality it's because of the previous thing she was upset about. This confuses life for men even more; if you don't find out what is wrong in the first place. She will think you don't care if you don't try to resolve it. Keep trying to find out, being sensitive and asking if you can help and showing you love her and want her to be happy.

This may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it will make your life so much easier if you do these things as soon as you see she's upset. It will avoid resentment and confusion, and you will become pros with practice.

If you show a woman love and care, she will pretty much bend over backwards to do everything she can to make you a happy man. Good Cookin, Good Loven, and all the Ego building compliments a man loves:)